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Fonction : Chercheur au CNRS
Equipe de rattachement : LMNO

Hi there,

Welcome to my home page. It contains a few things about Algebra Universalis, a few links, and references to my papers.

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Algebra Universalis

To authors

I am an associate editor for Algebra Universalis, a mathematical journal devoted to universal algebra and lattice theory.

If you want to submit a paper there, you should go to the submission page of Algebra Universalis.

Link to the Springer Link home page of Algebra Universalis.

Link to Algebra Universalis List of Researchers.

Mathematical Sciences Publishers

Abstract representation of a spanner (internal joke; Edinburgh 2005):
Some piece of art

Cours et interprétariat en chinois à Caen: page Web d'Estella Yang

Various links to online books or manuscripts

Various links

List of publications

Slides and presentations