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XXIVth Rencontres Arithmétiques de Caen

Distribution, Density and Ergodicity in Number Theory

June 12-14  2013

Université de Caen - LMNO - CNRS UMR 6139 - Campus II - Boulevard du Maréchal Juin - Caen, France

Presentation of the conference:

These meetings started in 1989 and have been held on a yearly basis ever since. A specific research theme is chosen every year, which is connected to a realm of research studied by some of the members of the LMNO (Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme). This conference has acquired international reputation as, often, experts from various countries are invited to talk.

The dates of the meeting will be June 12 to 14th, 2013. The theme will include several related topics :

  • Distribution and means of arithmetic functions
  • Probability, densities and theory of densities
  • Ergodic theory of numbers

Invited speakers:

  • Karma Dajani (Utrecht, the Netherlands) : Optimal Expansions in non-integer base. Abstract
  • Jean-Marc Deshouillers (Bordeaux, France) : Densities of automatic sequences. Abstract
  • Rita Giuliano (Pisa, Italy) : Bernoulli decompositions of random vectors. Abstract
  • Georges Grekos (Saint-Etienne, France) : On various definitions of density. Abstract
  • Jean-Marie de Koninck (Laval, Quebec) : On the largest prime factor and its many friends. Abstract
  • Mariusz Lemanczyk (Torun, Poland) : Disjointness of dynamical systems and Sarnak's conjecture. Abstract
  • Florian Luca (Morelia, Mexico) : Uniform distribution modulo 1 of ratios of various arithmetic functions. Abstract
  • Christian Mauduit (Marseille, France) : Prime numbers, determinism and pseudorandomness. Abstract
  • Ladislav Mišík (Ostrava, Czech Republic) : On subsequences of uniformly distributed sequences. Abstract
  • Pieter Moree (Bonn, Germany) : The second order behaviour of sums of multiplicative functions. Abstract
  • Olivier Ramaré (Lille, France) : Nombres premiers : émergence et actualités des formes bilinéaires. Abstract
  • Thomas Ward (Durham, England) : An overview of orbit-growth on 1-solenoids. Abstract