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XXIVth Rencontres Arithmétiques de Caen

Distribution, Density and Ergodicity in Number Theory

June 12-14  2013

Université de Caen - LMNO - CNRS UMR 6139 - Campus II - Boulevard du Maréchal Juin - Caen, France

Useful information:


Taking a train from Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris is the cheapest mean to reach Caen. For information on trains, you may consult the website SNCF. You will find a Metro-map on the website of the RATP.
To reach Caen by plane, see the website of the airport.
You can also ride a horse to Caen. For information, there is no webpage.


Click here and get information about Caen.
You may choose yourself your own hotel here: Sleeping, dining and touring once in Caen
You may wish to look into the three (2 or 3 stars) hotels : Hôtel du Château, Hôtel de l'Univers, Hôtel des Quatrans, because of the following points:
    – They are reasonably rated.
    – They are downtown.
    – You can easily walk to a tramway station that brings you to the Campus 2.


The meeting will take place at the Sciences 3-building on Campus 2 of the Université de Caen. The registration desk will be opened on Wednesday June, the 12th, at 10:00am, room S3-247.
To come from the railway station or from the town centre, you may take the tramway (line A, direction Caen Campus 2). The trips take about 25 minutes (resp. 20 minutes). Your stop is the terminal station (Campus 2) and the Sciences 3 building is right by that station. You can buy tickets (coins or credit card) directly from the automatons (but not from the driver!). Automatons are available at every tram stop. Walking from the railway station to Campus #2 should take you about one hour (knowing the way!).

You will find here a general location map of the different campuses, here a map of the tram lines, and here a map of Campus 2.
Here is a link towards the University of Caen, and here is a link towards Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme.