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XXIVth Rencontres Arithmétiques de Caen

Distribution, Density and Ergodicity in Number Theory

June 12-14  2013

Université de Caen - LMNO - CNRS UMR 6139 - Campus II - Boulevard du Maréchal Juin - Caen, France

Registration is closed !

Registration fees and Thursday night conference banquet :

• Registration fees are 25 euros; they will cover the three lunchtime meals on Wed., Thurs. and Friday, but no evening meals. There is no need to pay this fee ahead of time. You will have to pay it on your arrival date, which, for most people, should be on Wed. morning. Talks begin early Wed. afternoon. No eating implies no fees (the converse is also true).

• In addition, we will need to know whether you intend to participate in Thursday night's dinner which will take place in some (yet undecided) town restaurant. The cost is expected to be about 36 euros per stomach.

Registration Form :

Please fill in the registration form below directly online. Indicate whether you intend to participate in the local university noon meals and/or the Thursday night dinner.

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Thursday night banquet (about 36 €)
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Once you send out your registration form, you should receive confirmation within a few days, that is, when one of the organizers processes it. If after a week, you have not been confirmed, please contact, with xxxx.yyyy=christian.ballot or xxxx.yyyy=vincent.bosser