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Practical information

The summer school will be held in room W-404 of los Los Andes University (this means building W, room 404). The University has different entrances. The closest entrance to our room is indicated in the map below. Please use this entrance (the building of the entrance is called Edificio Lleras).

The W building is next to the entrance. Here is a map with the buildings of the university.

There is no registration fee but be aware that meals and accomodation are not covered. Registration is compulsory, as you will be registered in a list to be able to enter the campus.
We advice participants to get accomodation near the University campus. Here is a list of hotels and hostals that might help you.
Hotel Continental
Avenida Jiménez #4 - 16, Centro, Bogotá
(57) (1) 6063000
Casa Deco
Calle 12C #2 - 36, Centro, Bogotá.
(57) (1) 2828640
Hotel Augusta
Avenida Jiménez # 4 - 77, Bogotá.
(57)(1) 2838300
Hotel Avenida Jimenez
Avenida Jiménez #4-69, Bogotá.
(57)(1) 2832872
Hotel Muisca
Cl. 10 #0 - 25, Bogotá.
(57) (1) 2810644
Hotel Casa Galería
Cra. 2 #12B-92, Bogotá.
(57) (1) 3425225
Hostal Sue
Calle 12F #2 - 55, Bogotá
(57) (1) 3348894

At arrival:
We recommend participants to take a taxi from the airport to their accommodation (unless your hotel has a transport service, in which case this is also a good option). In order to do this you will need to either exchange or withdraw some money at the airport. The taxi will cost you around 20000 colombian pesos (say around 7-8 US dollars), maybe a bit less or a bit more. You can see the exact amount in the taximeter + a charge of about 4500 pesos for airport ride (and if you arrive during the night there will be also an extra charge for that). You will find at the airport an official taxi cue from which you should get yours (they are all yellow btw).

About Bogotá:
Bogotá is 2650 meters above the sea, please keep in mind this is not yet the caribbean. Its neither very cold nor very warm, temperature oscillates between 15 to 25 C degrees during the day, and it drops a bit during the night, so do bring a jacket or sweater with you.
Electrical plugs are as in the US, so try to bring an adapter is you don't hace this type of plug. Here you can find more information about electrical plugs.