Seventeenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications

University of Caen, June 27th - July 2nd 2016

The Fibonacci Association
Nicolas Oresme The medieval castle of Caen

Reaching the conference from downtown Caen

The conference will take place in the Sciences 3 building (S3) of the Northern Campus of the University of Caen, in the city of Caen. This campus is known as "Campus 2". Participants lodging downtown Caen -- not far from the castle of William the Conqueror -- will be able to take a fifteen-minutes ride on the tramway to reach the conference grounds. (This is the final stop of the "Tram A", i.e., line A -- direction Campus 2, U. Caen). This campus' official street address is on "Boulevard Maréchal Juin".

Here is a map.

Travelling to Caen

By plane via Paris

Caen is situated some 220 kms west of Paris in Normandy. Most of you will be landing in Paris. Paris has two airports: the Orly airport and the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport.

From Paris to Caen

By train

The usual way to go from Paris to Caen is by train. You can catch a train to Caen at the train station: Gare Paris Saint-Lazare. Booking in advance an e-ticket you might get a less expensive rate, but you have to board the train that was reserved (consult So make sure you have enough time to reach the train station from the airport. You may go from, say, Charles de Gaulle (i.e., Roissy) to downtown Paris via a train (RER), or board a shuttle bus (Roissybus). If you choose the Roissybus, then stepping off at the Opera, you are a short walk off from the Gare Saint-Lazare. If you choose the RER, you may take the RER B from the Roissy airport, step off at Gare-du-Nord, go up two floors and after going through turnstiles, corridors and stairs take the RER E, direction Hausman-St-Lazare, and step off at the first stop. There, look for "trains grandes lignes". Once in the hall of the Saint-Lazare train station, a large board indicates the train departure times and their platform numbers.

By bus

A new bus line created only very recently goes from Paris la Défense to Caen. For instance, three buses are programmed from Paris la Défense to Caen on Sunday, June 26th, for only 9 euros. Reserve on line ouibus. One may reach Paris la Défense, situated in the west of Paris, from downtown by subway.

By car

Driving from Paris to Caen, you have a motorway, the A13, which goes through Rouen and then Caen. There are four fee stations along the highway which amount to about 15 euros.

By direct shuttle

You could also get a direct shuttle from the airport in Paris to your hotel in Caen. Of course it will cost more. You can use the site:

Direct planes to Caen

Caen has a small airport at Carpiquet with some international flights.