Seventeenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications

University of Caen, June 27th - July 2nd 2016

The Fibonacci Association
Nicolas Oresme The medieval castle of Caen
Current Conference program and Abstracts
  • Special Tuesday Evening Program
  • Monday morning registration and all talks, regular, plenary and open-to-the-public, are scheduled to take place at the Amphi 057 of the S3 building.

  • Brief outline of the conference's schedule

    Monday, June 27:

    • Morning:
      +8:30 AM: Registration.
      +9:30 AM: Morning: Welcome, official reception speech.
      +2 hours of scientific talks.
    • Lunch on campus 2
    • Afternoon: talks from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    • Evening: Reception, speech and wine-and-cheese party. It will take place at the City Hall from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. The City of Caen is graciously lending us its beautiful Refectoire.

    Tuesday, June 28:

    • Morning: Talks for 3 hours
    • Lunch on campus
    • Afternoon: 2 hours of talks
      + Problem session led by Clark Kimberling (with a potential second one on Friday)
      + Special evening, starting at 5:00 PM, with three talks open to the public given by Ron Knott (University of Surrey), Andreas Hinz (LMU Munich) and Arthur Benjamin (Harvey Mudd College, California).

    Wednesday June 29:

    • Morning: 9:00 AM: the Edouard Lucas Lecture, by Jean-Paul Allouche (CNRS, Paris): Variations on the Fibonacci binary sequence.
      + Talks for 2 hours
    • Lunch on campus
    • Afternoon: guided visits of local medieval monuments and history
      + followed by a degustation of Norman products in the 13th century Palais Ducal lent by the City of Caen, with the participation of the Boîte à Calva.

    Thursday, June 30:

    • Morning: talks for 3 hours
    • Lunch on campus
    • Afternoon: talks for three and a half hours
    • Evening: Conference dinner at the countryside Inn: Auberge du Pont Coudray.

    Friday July 1st:

    • Morning: talks for 3 hours
    • Lunch on campus
      + delivery of the two Bruckman prizes
    • Afternoon: talks for 3 hours

    Saturday July 2nd:

    • Optional: Day trip to various 2nd World War sites, Omaha Beach American Cemetery, la Pointe du Hoc, the Arromanches Harbor. Lunch time in the fisherman port of Port en Bessin with a likely final stop in the medieval city of Bayeux.
      Reservation during the registration is required. We might be able to take in more than 64 people, but at this point this remains uncertain.
      (Our initial plan had been to go to the Mont Saint Michel, but the Tour de France begins that very same day from the Mont making the access to the Mont an uncertain gamble).