Seventeenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications

University of Caen, June 27th - July 2nd 2016

The Fibonacci Association
Nicolas Oresme The medieval castle of Caen

Lodging in Caen

We begin by pointing out some downtown hotels where participants will be able to dine within walking distance of their hotel room and reach the conference grounds with a fifteen-minute tramway ride. Again we invite participants to book early.

Some small individual student rooms equipped with restrooms, a sink and a shower will be available for the week of the conference for about 110 euros. Interested people should notify Christian Ballot (christian.ballot (at) as soon as you are decided but in any case before May the 15th. Payment will be due at a later date (not with your registration). The rooms are some 200 yards away from the maths department. Thus, they are close to the conference site. Breakfast will be available for an additional 4 euros per day, and a bath towel and a towel for 2.5 euros for the week.

Among two-star hotels one of them, l'Hôtel du Château, has accepted to provide special rates for conference participants.
  • Hôtel du Château: 22 rooms. Do mention the Fibonacci conference. Your per-night rates will be:
    • 60.60€ for 1 person; 1 large bed (includes room, breakfast and taxes)
    • 69.20€ for 2 people ; 1 large bed (includes room, breakfast and taxes)
    • 79.20€ for 2 people ; 1 large and 1 small bed (includes room, breakfast and taxes)
  • Hôtel Astrid has thirteen rooms.
  • Hôtel du Havre has nineteen rooms.
Three or four-star downtown hotels: No or one star hotels but very well-centered: There are other hotels 5mns away by tram from downtown and thus also 5 mns further away from the conference grounds: There is a two-star hotel very close to the conference grounds and to the tramway line and a four-star hotel in between downtown and the conference grounds also close to the tram line. They are respectively