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XVème Rencontres Arithmétiques de Caen 2004


Zeta functions : geometrical, analytic and diophantine aspects

Université de Caen
Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme
Bd Maréchal Juin, B.P.5186
14032 Caen Cédex-France

Organizing Commitee
D. Essouabri : Caen, France
B. Lichtin : Rochester, USA
Ph.Satgé : Caen, France




Université de Caen, laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme, Bd Maréchal Juin, B.P.5186 14032 Caen Cédex-France
phone number :33  (0)2 31 56 73 64 or 33 (0)2 31 56 73 22, Fax : +33 (0)2 31 56 73 20

Topics and history of the Rencontres Arithmétiques de Caen

The Rencontres Arithmetiques de Caen have been organized for the last  years at the Universiuy oæ Ceen. Their subjects
have focussed upon a particular aspect of number theory that is actively studied by members of the laboratoire Nicolas d'Oresme.
Over the years, the Rencontres have played a significant role in  promoting  mathematical research in the Normandy region.
With an increasing number of international participants, speakers, and an edited series of proceedings, these meetings have
also begun to develop an international reputation.

The  lectures are intended principally for  young researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral level) as well as specialists.

The previous Rencontres Arithmétiques

Invited Talks
V. Baladi (University of Paris VI, CNRS-France)
"Dynamical zeta functions and statistical analysis of euclidean algorithms." abstract

M. Balazard (University of  Bordeaux, CNRS-France)
"Le critère de Nyman pour l'hypothèse de Riemann."  abstract

A. Chambert-Loir (University of Rennes I-France)
"Fonction zêta des hauteurs et formule de Poisson." abstract

R. Cluckers (University of Leuven-Belgium)
"Constructible motivic functions and motivic integration." abstract

M. de Crisenoy (University of Caen-France)
"Valeurs aux entiers négatifs de fonctions zêta multivariables et applications." abstract

S. Gonek (University of Rochester-USA)
"A New Random Matrix Model of the Riemann Zeta Function." abstract

E. Kowalski (Université de Bordeaux - France)
"Quelques aspects analytiques des fonctions L et applications" abstract

S. Louboutin (Université de Luminy-France)
"Autour du théorème de Brauer-Siegel." abstract

E. Peyre (Université de Grenoble- France)
"Les hauteurs et leurs fonctions zêta." abstract

C. Reydy (Université de Bordeaux - France)
"La fonction zêta topologique locale multivariable détermine la topologie" abstract

P. Salberger (Chalmers University of Technology- Suède)
"Counting rational points on projective varieties of law dimension." abstract

A. Skorobogatov (Imperial college of London-UK)
"Universal torsors and the circle method." abstract

W. Veys (Université de Leuven-Belgique)
"Smallest poles of Igusa's and topological zeta functions." abstract

C. Voll (University of Oxford-UK)
"Zeta functions of groups - Non-uniformity and local functional equations." abstract

Conference Fee
The conference fee is 50 EUROS (30 Euros, for students).


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Travel Information
  A convenient way to travel to Caen is by train from Paris (trains to
Normandy leave from Gare St. Lazarre). for this see the sncf web file.
  You can also fly to Caen, in which case you will arrive at the airport.

Local Information

Location of the meeting :

To get to the sciences 3 building from the train station or the center of town, you can
take the tramway (line A to Caen Campus II). The trip takes about 15 minutes from
the center of the city and the last stop is in front of the Sciences 3 building. Tickets
must be bought from the machine on the platform.

Staying in Caen :

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Meals :
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